Friday, August 17, 2007

Skeptical Mor

Skeptical Mor
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Eating so much here in Buenos Aires... But please dont blame my overweight, its really irresistable! So cheap, and so tasty...

We are now here with Michael´s parents, and eating even more, since we are staying in an appartment in Recoleta, and its sooo close to everything...

On Wednesday we are back in the US! oh dear... its almost over...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Buenos Aires

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Sometimes pictures speak better than words...

And you can see more pictures here

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dear beuatiful and civilized Salta (Argentina)

Welcome to your home country Mor Golan! (Only took me 30 years...)

We got here 2 nights ago. Wow, civilization. No more do we have to ask about hot water in the shower...
Salta is a very beautiful colonial town (a little european and a little andean), the people are very nice, warm, tranquilo and know to ask for their tip as well. :-)
Did we mention there are paved roads here? everywhere! amazing...

Yesterday we had our first experience of real Salta beef (lomo) with a bottle of Argentiniean Cafayate Malbec. We have to admit, that was an amazing meal. And only $23 us dollars... woohoo! Viva Argentina!

On the plaza, 9 de Julio, we met Roberto. This guy made his own wood saxofon (as you can see in the picture), and the sound is just amazing! Wish we could bring it to you Aba Shaul...

Today we went to a 2 hour four trax ride (traktoron=four wheeler) in the ¨jungle¨ of San Lorenzo, a few kilometers from Salta. It was freezing cold (yesterday was too warm to even sit in the sun! and today we froze our asses and hands and all... crazy weather...), but it was an experience, and it was fun.

And tonight, yes tonight, we are heading to our last destination for this trip - Buenos Aires. We are not really looking forward to 19 hours on the semi-cama bus (half bed), but cant wait to have family time with Mors family.

p.s. - Michael is feeling better, thanks for asking! ;-)

by the way, we stayed in this great hotel called Hotel Munay - and went with this tour agency called "Balance¨

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stuck in Chile - its chilly here...

As was suggested to us (in many guide books and lametayel and many people) we finished our 3 days tour in Chile, in San Pedro de Atacama. oh well - that was a mistake...
on the first day we got here, we´ve been punched with too many problems and expectations been shuttered to pieces.
This tourist town, I swear, has a mafia to steal the tourists money as fast as possible and in any way possible. and it does! Hotel prices start at $40 a night, and its basically a shack without even heating or breakfast not included! and meals? NY prices! and this town doesnt even have paved roads, its all dusty everywhere you go... amazing.
so you can imagine how upset I was, when after 3 days of no shower at all, they shot down the whole water system in this little town, and i had no shower for another day! raging!
And then, no bus to leave here when we wanted.. and then Michael got sick... not a very good day to be honest...

The next day we moved to a different hotel (with smart people and a water tank of their own) and the sun started shining.
Since Michael was sick, I joined James (our friend from the Salars tour) to do some half-day trips around SP de Atacama. We saw giant salt mountains, and the Valley of the Moon (pics attached of the sunset and with the moon) and more big geysers, and weird animals (like this rabbit with horse tail and dog ears), and medicin plants and beautiful views.

Will leave here on Tuesday to go to Argentina (finally) - to Salta!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Salars de Uyuni

To see all the pictures of the first day click here

we left around 11 am, joined our group and headed to the Salars. We´ve been planning for this trip for so long and it really was great.
Lucky us, we had a great group. A sweet and calm and quiet couple from Holand, Arian and Desiree, a great funny guy from England, James (who would go with us to Chile), and a young punky awsome girl from Catalunia named Julia. And us. Oh, and Ricardo the slow and quiet driver, with very good spirits.

The first day is all about the Salar. We go on that amazingly huge salt flats, and you think it will never end. There are some mountaing far away, but you have the illusion its a different world out there... The salt formations are amazing and beautiful, and in the middle of it all grows an island with HUGE TALL cactus plants which are there for thousands of years.

The second day we saw many beautiful blue and white lagunes, and pink flamingos and even a little baby fox. Has lots of sun and bompy roads and cold outside and warm in the jeep... Oh and saw also the ¨Arbol de Piedra¨ - a trea made of stone... beautiful. At night we got to our basic camp, which at 4800 meters was very cold, right next to Laguna Colorada, that in the evening changes its color from red to blue. honestly! in Michael eyes he saw it... ;-)

The last day we woke up at 5 in the morning, to try and see the sunrise over the 5000 meters high gaysers, but our jeep had another puncture in one wheel, and freezing our bones, we stood there outside the jeep and danced the Macarena... seruiously, anything to get warm! We then moved very fast through all the rest of the arranged stops of the day. Gaysers, quick breakfast, quick feet dipping in the thermal baths, quick ride to the Green Laguna, and then off to Chile!

All in all, we saw amazing views, and even my Michael (who got sick from too much cold) would say it was worth it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bye bye La Paz - Hello Uyuni!

Yes with little sadness we left La Paz, after 2.5 days of shopping and good eating and resting and internet and pictures... (and still had so much to do there)...

A few words about traveling by night buses - its not so much fun. Yes it saves lots of time and even money (no need to pay for a hotel...) but... you dont reallty get to sleep and if you do, it is full of waking up moments. Oh well - we safely arrived to Uyuni today.

Tomorrow morning we are heading towards 3 days in the Salars de Uyuni, a very cold and beautiful desert, and by Friday we will reach Chile - San Pedro de Atacama.

We wil write more than, promised!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pampas... fantastic time


We just came back from 3 wonderful days in the Pampas of Bolivia (which followed 3 wonderful days in the jungle...)

On the way overthere we saw a sloth! the poor thing was a little wet from the muchas rain we had...We saw many aligators and caymans,

and Capibaras (in hebrew - Hagai?) and beautiful amazing birds on the river like hawks and kites and vultures, and monkeys. Oh, and yes there are pink dolphins in that rivers! they are mostly grey but sometimes you can see the pinkish tint for the older ones...

We also fished piranas fish and immediately later ate them (yes thats what Michael is eating...).

It was really amazing times that we had with Robin from - who also stopped the boat many times to pick up a plastic bottle - yes an environmentalist!